Monday, August 11, 2008

Forget waxing...try threading!

A part of daily life here is, of course, beauty upkeep. ;-)

So, for you ladies (and some men with unruly eyebrows), here's a tip. Put away your tweezers! Never put hot wax on your face again! Try threading, or epilation.

Threading is an excellent way to maintain your eyebrows (and...gasp! upper lip hair) that is a little less painful and a little more efficient than our traditional American methods. Threading originated in India and is widely practiced in Asia and the Middle East. Basically, a cotton thread that is held in place by the stylist's teeth and two hands is rolled over misplaced hairs, removing the hair at the follicle. It is more efficient than plucking because you can remove more than one hair at a time and is definitely less painful and irritating (thought it can be) to the skin as waxing. Here, we can have both of our eyebrows waxed for the grand total of about 50 cents! Like waxing/plucking, it should be done every several weeks to maintain perfectly shaped eyebrows. The best part is the mini facial massage afterwards!

Here of some photos of us getting "threaded."

Git-r-done, Becca.

My turn

Everyone helps.

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Tiffany said...

I L.O.V.E. the threading! it's the best way to rid oneself of wayward eyebrows!

SOOO looking forward to seeing y'all next week at BPI.

Much Love!