Saturday, May 30, 2009


with this girl:

Sorry that I have been a slacker of a blogger this last week. Please forgive me. It's been a crazy busy week. And, now...I am going to Egypt for vacation! I'll try to post during the trip, but don't expect it. However, you can be sure that I'll be posting tons of photos and anecdotes from what is sure to be a most excellent vacation with a great friend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris Allen!

So, I finally got to watch the American Idol finale, and I am so excited that Kris Allen won. I am completely ecstatic that a follower of Jesus is the American "Idol." It is amazing to me how our God can use a humble man with God-given talent to potentially reach the nation for Himself. Here's a clip of Kris leading worship in his Arkansas church.

Congrats, Kris. May He receive the glory!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Random Post of...Randomness

No coherent thoughts for a post today. So, here's just a bunch of randomness going on in my mind.

1. I am going to visit a friend in Egypt in two weeks. I am stoked! I've always wanted to see the pyramids, the Nile, etc. I can't believe I actually have the opportunity to go. Lots to do before then, however...especially shopping for goodies for my friend!

2. Why is that when it's time for me to leave this country, we get a Chili's (perhaps my favorite restaurant) in my city? So not fair!

3. I miss the stars. Can't see 'em here, but in South, they are amazing.

4. I almost think I could live without central heating and cooling. I have for two years now. But, the weather is pretty mild here. The fan and open windows do just fine.

5. I have been avoiding Facebook, Twitter (except for the occasional update) and TV blogs/Web sites like the plague because I haven't watched the Grey's finale yet. I hear it was an intense one. It's on my agenda for the day.

6. Have I mentioned that I. Love. Coffee? Cannot live without it.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Voices for Peace

In this country, there is such an opportunity to meet and be friends with people from many backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with several Iranians. Please watch this video and consider it.

(I couldn't figure out how to make it small enough to fit the post. Sorry.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addendum- One Lorry is being there only.

Since posting about the widespread use of the English language in this country (and how funny it can be), I've been able to think of two more examples for you with the help of some friends.

6. Pronunciation of the letter w in the place of the letter v
For example, village is Willage. Heaven is heaWen. Victory is Wictory. Invited is inWited. Etc. The first time I realized they did this was in national fellowship. The leader was teaching and talking about "heaWen." First, you've got to understand that it takes about a month to fully understand the way English is spoken here. It's different, there's an accent, etc. It's just a little difficult.

At this point, we had only been here about a month. The leader was going on an on about "heaWen." See, I knew he was talking spiritual, but all I could hear was "heroine." I knew this wasn't right, but when it finally clicked that he was saying "heaven," I laughed out loud. Another example, someone thought a leader at a fellowship was talking about "witchery" when really he was talking about "victory."

7. "You do this one thing."
This is a common phrase when people are suggesting you do something, whether it concerns your health, how to cook a specific dish, directions to a place, where to find a specific item in town, etc. "You do this one thing. You take the tablet, go back to sleep, then eat. " "You do this one thing. First, make the bread. Then the dal." "You do this one thing. Go to the petrol bunk (gas station), turn right. It will be on the left side."

Love it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is the day we honor our mothers. And, oh how I love mine! My mama is my best friend, and I can't wait until I get to see her face again and do all the stuff we love to do together. Only 81 days!

I love you, Mama! Happy Mother's Day!

In an auto when she came to visit in November

I was a brunette.

Best Friends!

Grannie & Mema, Happy Mother's Day! You are the best grandmothers a girl could ask for. I love you so much.


Three Generations: Grannie, me, Mama (my graduation from UGA)


I hope you all have a great day loving on and honoring your mothers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

One lorry is being there only.

The use of English is widespread here. Most people know at least a little bit. The higher class you are and the more education you have, the more English you know. The English spoken here is a mixture of British English (thanks to British colonization) and American slang (thanks to Hollywood movies).

However, mistakes are common and quite funny. Here are just a few examples.

1. Sentence structure:
National languages have a completely different sentence structure than we do in English. Instead of subject-verb-object, their languages often do subject-object-verb or object-subject-verb. This makes for some funny-sounding sentences when they speak English in their mother tongue sentence structure. For example, instead of "I am going home," "Home I am going" is commonly said. Instead of "There is the car," "The car is there."

2. The over-use of the word only
Why? I do not know. But, the use of the word only is very common. For everything. "You are going to be home only?" When calling someone and you ask for a specific person, she will probably say, "It is I only." Where are you? "I am here only." How much will you pay (in an auto rickshaw)? "Meter only." "You come on Saturday only." "The lorry is there only." Where do you live? "Here only." The word is very versatile.

3. British words for common objects
Lorry = truck. Lift = elevator. Flat = apartment. Flyover = bridge/overpass. Etc.

4. Misplaced use of articles a, an, the or the use of one instead of an article
In all the national languages, there is no such thing as an article. Therefore, to try and sound correct, many nationals throw the articles into their sentences in random places or when they are not needed. I am often "The Brittany." "I am having the fever." Another mistake with articles is using the word one when an article would suffice. "One auto is there." "One good film is playing in the cinema."

5. Switching continuous and present tenses
I don't know why, but the use of continuous tense instead of simple present is commonly used. Instead of "I have a new car," you will hear "I am having a new car." "I am living here only." "One boy is being in the street only." Sometimes, instead of using continuous tense, they will use simple present incorrectly. What are you doing? "I make food only." "I go there only."

These are just a few of the common funnies and mistakes, and there are many more that I cant't think of right now. But, when I get home, and I start speaking English in this way, DON'T MAKE FUN! I can't help the doing it that way only.

Friday, May 1, 2009

100th Post! (and a Thank You)

I didn't realize that the conclusion of "A Day in My Life" would be right at the 100th post mark. Man, it feels good. I have been blogging for almost two years now, sometimes being diligent to do it and sometimes not. But, this milestone is exciting and only prompts me to blog my little heart out even more.

I don't know where the direction of the blog will go quite yet, but I do know I only have three more months in South Asia. (Lord, please give me a job.) But, stay tuned. Over the next several months, I will be directing it that way. Whatever that way is.

Thank you for following along with "A Day in My Life." I wouldn't have been motivated to do if I hadn't been able to see your interest through comments and frequent visits. I hope this past month gave you a little insight to life on the other side of the pond and has expanded your "worldview" a little bit. I hope it also helps you know how to pray for the people and us better.

Thanks for all the support.