Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addendum- One Lorry is being there only.

Since posting about the widespread use of the English language in this country (and how funny it can be), I've been able to think of two more examples for you with the help of some friends.

6. Pronunciation of the letter w in the place of the letter v
For example, village is Willage. Heaven is heaWen. Victory is Wictory. Invited is inWited. Etc. The first time I realized they did this was in national fellowship. The leader was teaching and talking about "heaWen." First, you've got to understand that it takes about a month to fully understand the way English is spoken here. It's different, there's an accent, etc. It's just a little difficult.

At this point, we had only been here about a month. The leader was going on an on about "heaWen." See, I knew he was talking spiritual, but all I could hear was "heroine." I knew this wasn't right, but when it finally clicked that he was saying "heaven," I laughed out loud. Another example, someone thought a leader at a fellowship was talking about "witchery" when really he was talking about "victory."

7. "You do this one thing."
This is a common phrase when people are suggesting you do something, whether it concerns your health, how to cook a specific dish, directions to a place, where to find a specific item in town, etc. "You do this one thing. You take the tablet, go back to sleep, then eat. " "You do this one thing. First, make the bread. Then the dal." "You do this one thing. Go to the petrol bunk (gas station), turn right. It will be on the left side."

Love it.

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