Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Beautiful Place

Last month, my team and I took a little trip to the state south of us for a little adventure and retreat. We saw some cool historical sites, even a scroll written in Hebrew (probably some of the Old Testament) that had been brought over by Jews that lived in the state long ago. It was so cool, but unfortunately, I could not take a picture of it. We also went to an old, old synagogue and even met a sweet lady whose family had been there forever! She said that, currently, only six Jewish families with 11 members remain there because most have gone back to Israel. How neat!

The best part about the trip was spending 24 hours on a houseboat on the backwaters. It was so beautiful, peaceful and fun. We ate delicious seafood, played games, fished and some even ventured to swim in the murky water (not me!). Here are few pictures.

On the train, playing games

A house boat like ours

Me, driving

The fish market

The state is known for its spices.

The beach

If you want to know more about this trip and how you could experience the fun too, just e-mail me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I've been tagged!

Kacie tagged me, and the assignment was to go to the fourth album on my computer and post the fourth picture. I love this picture! It's when I was shopping at a market in the capital. It's a fun picture because, as you can see, all the clothes are Western clothes that were produced in factories here. These displayed were either rejects from store like Old Navy and Gap or either stolen. The best part is- they are so cheap! That is one thing I'll miss about living clothes!

Alright, now I am supposed to tag four people. I don't know how many people read this, but I'll tag some folks. And, if they do it, great. If not, no problem!

So...Junco, Laura, Eliz and Morgan.

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This little "25 things" is everywhere on Facebook right now, and I joined the craze. So, I thought I would post my list here, too. Enjoy learning a little about ME!

1. I could eat chips and salsa every day.
2. My mama is my best friend. She knows me the best, understands me the most and is the person I most admire. She is kind, gentle, sweet and selfless. I wish I was more like her. I love shopping, decorating for Christmas, drinking coffee in the morning and just talking with her.
3. I competed in “beauty” pageants, and they gave me confidence. I am not ashamed.
4. I don’t know if I could survive (well, maybe I could survive, but not necessarily thrive) here if it weren’t for my roomie, Reba, and all the Jgirls in my city. They are absolutely wonderful, and I love them so!
5. Coffee is a pretty great motivation to wake up in the morning. I heart it.
6. I love my nicknames and the people that gave them to me: Little B, Fo’Nine, BB, Bebecita, etc.
7. I plan to adopt domestically and internationally (hopefully!)…I often tell people I want a little “red and yellow, black and white” family.
8. I pray that I can have a baby of my own, too, despite hearing from doctors that it may not be possible.
9. I had 12 toes when I was born. Now I only have 10.
10. I consider myself blessed to have a daddy that has always shown me unconditional love, told me that I was beautiful and has never failed to provide for me in any way. He has been a wonderful picture of my heavenly Father to me.
11. Reba and I pretend to be British a lot. I love British accents. (Also I miss Jared.)
12. I had the best potluck roommate in the world my freshman year at UGA. I thank God for putting us together! I miss you, ‘Tina!
13. I want to be a domestic goddess—a little happy homemaker, if you will.
14. Sometimes I long for days in 214 (my apartment in college)…trying to learn to play the guitar, dancing to Havana Nights, spooning on the futon, watching Related and the Bachelor, walking with Leslie and Sara, just being strange with CT, good chats with my girls, Barberitos runs, having company and playing games, etc. Gosh….this list could go on forever! I love DD, Eliz, Sara, CT & Kristin! And all my Athens buddies!
15. Speaking of Barberitos…it’s my favorite place to eat on planet earth.
16. These are some (and not all, I’m sure) of the women who were significant in introducing me to what it means to have a relationship with Jesus: my Grannie Ella, Kathryn Bayman Cargile, Jamie Middleton, Cyndi Middleton, Stefanie Foxworth, Lauren Jones and Heather Croft.
17. I plan to never own any other computer besides a Mac. Really.
18. I met one of my best friends because we held state pageant titles. She lives in Louisiana, so seeing each other doesn’t happen that often. But, our annual shopping trip with our mamas is a highlight of every year! Jamie Elizabeth, I miss you! Foley ’09!
19. My brother rocks! He’s hilarious, talented, kind, ridiculously good-looking and an excellent friend. He’s my little brother—five years younger than me, but he is one of my closest confidants. I am thankful for our friendship, and the future husband of mine will have to pass the brother test.
20. The two months at the farm before moving here were two of the most fun months I’ve ever had. “Can we get three butt-loads of mild sauce?” I miss all you cool people and pray for you often.
21. My guilty pleasures include Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. Love those shows.
22. I have a twin. She is not quite 6 feet tall, and her name is Dana. She is amazing! I love that no matter how often we get to talk, we always pick up right where we left off.
23. I don’t have a clue what I will be doing six months from now, but I am not worried. He's got a good plan. If you have any ideas, you let me know!
24. My friend, Eliz, has been a rock for me since moving here. I love getting to Skype with her, getting surprise care packages from her and knowing that I can share everything I am thinking or feeling with her. I thank God for her. Don’t hesitate to use the Little BatPhone if you need to, Eliz!
25. I am not tall.