Monday, June 23, 2008

The Week of the Sari

This past week we had the pleasure of attending two weddings and, therefore, wearing lots of saris. Saris are the traditional dress of women all over this country and all over South Asia. In different parts of South Asia and even within my country, they are worn in all sorts of different ways, depending on geographical location. They are very beautiful and can be found in all different fabrics, colors, designs, etc. Most women wear them every day. Women work in them whether they are cleaning, doing construction work or being a flight attendant. We rarely wear them and mostly only for special occasions. And, I must say, we find them very uncomfortable. You have about 6 yards of material wrapped around you, pleated and pinned. However, when I wear them I feel very cultural and actually quite beautiful, even if I am a little uncomfortable. For more information about the the sari's history and different styles of draping, click HERE. You'll get more on the weddings in another post.

Here we are being wrapped up by our neighbor for a wedding. We are wearing fancy silk saris for functions, events, etc. Our friend is sporting the everyday sari look.

Pictures of women wearing saris in my country:

As I mentioned, women wear their saris while they work no matter what kind of job they do. This is a street sweeper lady, wearing her sari while she keeps the road tidy.

This is our language teacher in her everyday wear. This is typical of most middle-upper class women.

This is the very fancy and traditional attire of a wedding guest at one of the weddings we went to.

Here are more women from one of the weddings. Obviously, this wedding was more upscale than most.

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