Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Aroma

My blog has been named "The Aroma" from its inception in 2007 when I began chronicling my time as a Journeyman in South Asia.  When I came home, I felt as if I was starting over, and I didn't really have a focus for the blog anymore.  I posted occasionally about the transition back to life in America, but I couldn't seem to find my niche in the blogging world.  I knew I wanted to continue to be a blogger, but I had to re-focus my blog to fit my life now.

There are daily joys and challenges to being a twenty-something single woman, and I am continually praying for ways to be that aroma of Christ in this season of life-  now that I am not overseas.  What a better way to chronicle this than by blogging it? And, hopefully, in the process, I can be an encouragement to other single ladies.

I am single.  I want to one day be married.  I believe that I will be.  In His time.  But, I am not going to wait for that season of my life to arrive to do the things I enjoy: cook for others, be "domestic," offer hospitality, make my home beautiful and inviting,  "mother" children, etc.  And, gosh darn it! I'm going to use my pretty dishes that, for some reason, I thought I should store away until I got married!

John Piper says it nicely in Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood:

"The point is this: singleness has been a noble and courageous path for ministry ever since Jesus and the Apostle Paul chose it 'because of the kingdom of heaven.' It is no sign of weakness to want to be married. It is normal, and it is good. The courage comes when you sense God calling you to singleness (for this chapter of your life) and you accept the call with zeal and creative planning for His glory. "

So, welcome to the new and re-focused The Aroma blog! Join me as I try to joyfully live out the single life as His aroma "with zeal and creative planning."


Jaimee said...

So excited to hear your heart during this season! I've got lots to learn!!

Josh and Kacie said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging. The Lord will honor you as you seek to honor Him at this time.

Eliz said...

I love that you are back!! So fun! I can't wait to see what is in store for you! If you ever want to share any of those recipes... I always take guests for Foodie Friday. Love you friend!