Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Silk & Pretty Dresses

I think I told you during "A Day in My Life" that silk and tailoring clothes are common industries here. I also mentioned my plan to have some beautiful dresses and clothes made for me before coming home. So, now I am in the process of trying to buy the fabric and pick out designs from some of my favorite clothes shops. So far, I know that I am going to have 3 or 4 dresses made, some linen pants and a few pencil skirts. It is fun!

Here are some of the fabrics I have bought so far and a few pictures of dress ideas:

raw silk, silk cotton blends, silk chiffon and linen

One of my roommates also gave me a great idea. I have a beautiful green and red (very Christmas-y) sari that I have worn here for weddings and other special occasions. See.

I took it to the tailor last week to have it made into something like this (JCrew) dress but with wide straps added. It's going to be gorgeous!

I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

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Josh and Kacie said...

I want to see how they turn out.