Wednesday, June 17, 2009

South Asian Sam's Club

Last week our neighbor took us to the South Asian version of Sam's Club. First, however, to understand our "shock & awe factor" to this place, I'll have to tell you how we normally have to shop for everyday household items and groceries.

In our neighborhood, there are four fairly decent grocery stores that also have household goods like cleaning supplies, a few kitchen wares, etc. Picture something like an American convenient store but add fruits and vegetables and stuff like rice, flour, sugar. In the next neighborhood over, there is one import store where we can sometimes find imported items like tortilla chips, canned soups, good-ish cheeses and cooking spray.

On a normal shopping day, we might have to go to all of these stores to find what is on our list and then also make a stop at the outdoor fruits and veggies market (which I heart) to get everything we need. It can be an all day affair. You see, it takes a lot more time to get simple things done here.

Well, you can imagine our "shock & awe" when we walked into THE METRO.

What? You can find all your items (South Asian-made and a few imports) in one place?!? You can go there and get out of there and be done in less than an hour?!? You're kidding, right?

You can even buy "America's Favorite Mattress." We're American, and we approve.

And, you definitely get the freshest fish, eggs and cuts of meat...especially mutton (sorry graphic picture!).

Total craziness! I think this might have helped for when it comes time to transition back into life in America...our supermarket shopping world.


Josh and Kacie said...

That is crazy!

Laura =) said...

haha seeing as i went to Sam's Club just 2 weeks ago... i love this! and i really wanna go there and buy a better mattress!! =)