Sunday, July 5, 2009

Playing Catch-up- Last visit to some dear friends

Just before we left for Thailand we took our last trip to a neighboring city where we have done most of our trainings. We spent the night with Arezoo for the last time and were surprised (and happy) to see that her mother, Mirnaz, was there, too! The next morning we went to church with our friends to see some of the girls that participated in our training. This was the last time we got to see these beautiful friends of ours. It was hard to say "see you later," but we were so glad to get to spend time with them again before we leave.

The power was out so we had dinner by candlelight.

We love her.

movie night and silly faces

"Two pretty ladies, walking down the street." (They used to always say this as we left. They said if for our last time leaving, too.)


With Sunitha, our translator and dear friend

Such bittersweet good-byes.

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