Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama?

Y'all, this Georgia girl has moved to Alabama.  Never in my life did I think I would live in Alabama, much less be so excited to.  I live in the great town of Dothan, Alabama, just a quick one hour drive from my hometown in Georgia.  Dothan has great restaurants, excellent shopping and is the home of the National Peanut Festival that just ended this past weekend.

I thought I'd give you a little tour of my new apartment.  It's filled with pretties from all over the world, and I feel so at home there.  I love it.  My family and friends helped me move this past weekend.  I can't thank Mama and Daddy, Sam and Wanda enough for all their help and creative talent.

From the door, you can see my bedroom.  You go through the living/dining area to get there.

To the right of the entry is the kitchen.

To the left of the entry is the guest bedroom and bathroom.  The bed is my parents' old bed, and most everything else is from my apartment in college.

From the entrance to the living area, you can see the computer niche on the left.  I love this because I can't stand to have my computer in the living space or in a bedroom.  Eventually, I'll have have a tv in that cabinet, but for now it's going to hold all my souvenirs from around the world.

The living room includes a bargain sofa and bargain coffee table as well as fun stuff from India.

On the opposite side of the living area is the dining room.  I'll tell you more about that table in another post.  It was a bargain, do-it-yourself project.  So much fun!

Finally, my favorite, my bedroom.  The "blanket" at the end of the bed is a tablecloth from India that was the inspiration for the color scheme.  The bedskirt is a window panel cut in half and staple-gunned to the box spring because we couldn't find one that matched.  I don't have a headboard yet, but I am planning to do something like THIS that I saw on bhg.com.

There's still a bit more I'd like to do and hang (for example, uh, curtains, Indian wall hangings/art and pictures of people I love).  I still need a few major pieces of furniture in the bedrooms, but that will come in time.

You're welcome to come any time you want! I love hosting and serving up some South Asia and Southern hospitality.


Eliz said...

Your apartment looks super cute! I can't wait to come visit!!!

Josh and Kacie said...

It looks so good. I know you are loving having your own place. I love all the Indian accents.

Roz said...