Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Word for November- Manikin

The second month's addition of my new word for each month (25 Things To Do While I'm 25):

manikin |ˈmanikən | (also mannikin)
   1. a person who is very small, esp. one not otherwise abnormal or deformed.
   2. a jointed model of the human body, used in anatomy or as an artist's lay figure.

ORIGIN: mid 16th cent.: from Dutch manneken ( Middle Dutch mannekijn), diminutive of man ‘man.’

USAGE: See usage at mannequin .

USAGE: In English usage, the word mannequin occurs much more frequently than any of its relatives manakin, manikin, and mannikin. The source for all four words is the Middle Dutch mannekijn (modern Dutch manneken) ‘little man,’ ‘little doll.’ Mannequin is the French spelling from this Dutch source.

My example sentences:

1.  I am a manikin. (Ha!)

2.  Using mannequins instead of people in clothing commercials makes me not want to shop at that store.


blake and allison haas said...

I love reading your blog and I want everyone to know it! :) Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Josh and Kacie said...

come see me. I need B.