Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last week in Athens...

Sorry about being MIA this last week.  I took a fun trip for the week to Athens.  Highlights from the trip included lots of time with my little brother, a going away party for CT and reunions with the newest Mrs. Parham, DD, Sara and Mitch among many others.  I stayed with the lovely girls of the "Taj Mahal" and had a blast.  Thanks y'all...I'll be back soon!

CT's party was awesome!

A-group reunion...missing some of our lovelies, though.

I heart CT!

Mrs. Parham...I had so much Katherine time! It was great!

Daira...it's a girl this time!


I couldn't be there for the wedding (though I was asterisk-ed in the program).  But, I was there for Mitch's ordination.  Congrats, friend!

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Josh and Kacie said...

you look so cute and fashionable in your American Outfits.