Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Atlanta Fun Day

An old tradition...Atlanta Fun Day.

For the past few years (and when I am in the country), Eliz and I have "Atlanta Fun Day." Usually, we eat Mexican food, go to Ikea and just shop it up even if we don't buy anything.

This year, we started by going to the super cool Dekalb Farmers Market.

It's a world market, meaning they have products imported from all over the world. Of course, I love this because in all my travels I have found some pretty awesome food that I am starting to really miss. Here, I can find the right products to make my favorite dishes and even some of the exotic fruits available over there.

However, I did find mine and Rebecca's most hated fruit: jackfruit. It stinks!

I found *my* flag.

Sweet Georgia peaches (just like me!)

We ate in their cafe...yummy!

We took our dessert home and posed for a timed-pic. Aren't we cute?

Then, we went to some of our favorite places: Ikea and Target! We love to shop together at these two places. We finished the day with, of course, Mexican food. I am so glad Eliz shares my love for Mexican food. But, alas, no photo.

To see Eliz's post about our Atlanta Fun Day, click HERE.

I had an excellent time reconnecting with one of my bestest friends ever! She is so sweet to me. She even let me invade her space for three nights, cooked some delicious meals for me and even had a cute "welcome" basket ready for me with my favorite snacks and treats! Boy, do I love this girl! I just hope I'm half the friend to her that she is to me.

Love you, Eliz.


Josh and Kacie said...

Don't you just love shopping in this country. I want to go Target every day. It's so addictive! MIss you.

Eliz said...

Yay for Atlanta fun day! Come back and visit soon!

Laura =) said...

ok so WHEN i come see you, will you take me to this world foods store? that looks awesome!
and this Elizabeth is a great friend... sent you boxes and then had a welcome basket? too awesome! i love you Eliz and i don't even know you!! =)