Saturday, September 5, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers...and reuniting with people you love.

A little over two years ago, I had the privilege to spend two months on "the farm" in Virginia, training for my two years in South Asia. One of the best things about it was sharing the time with some super-cool people that were headed to destinations all over the world. Well, most of us completed our term around the same time and were able to reunite on the farm for one last hurrah as a group.

The Georgia girls- Lindz, me and Ayo - reuniting in the Charlotte airport.

I got to see Christy for the first time since I left. She's at the farm now, training for her term. I heart her and her hugs. She rocks!

More UGA fun: MT and Leslie Jane came over to Virginia from North Carolina to see us!

How cool is this? Rebecca and I met our India roomie's (Kaitlin) sister in Virginia! we heart Blythe.

Most of the group from my days at the farm.


Angela, Christy, Lindsay and me

AYo, Lindz, me and Dan...Mike, we missed you!

Paige! Love. this. girl.

Sadness...saying goodbye to Reba

Dukha aiytu.

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Laura =) said...

that last pic of you and Reba makes me so sad!! =(
but your dress is super ubber cute! where did you get it?