Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When I'm bored, I sew.

Since I am still on the lookout for a job (any ideas?!?...seriously), I am finding myself to be a bit bored lately. It's not that I am not enjoying every minute of being home with family and friends. I most certainly am! But, during the day when everyone is at school or work, I find myself cleaning a lot and being an obsessive organizer (can my closet be cleaned out one more time?).

So...I got the old sewing machine out and bought some cute fabric to do some sewing. I learned to sew in India and was able to sew some totebags and even a dress for my sweet little friend Lyla Joy. Now that I am home and have the accessibility to some amazing and helpful sewing products, I decided to expand my repertoire and try applique. I used this tutorial from Sew,Mama, Sew!. Here are some pics of my first adventure in applique!

I used Steam-A-Seam2 fusible webbing because it is two-sided and makes doing letters easier.

It's for Halloween!

Ironing the webbing on

Cute letters

Here is the finished product. The seams on the zig-zag are a bit janky, but keep in mind that this was my first applique and pretty much my first time sewing something that wasn't a straight line. I think I did pretty good for my first try!

Don't worry, Kacie. I made Lyla Joy one (or a few)!


Eliz said...

This is too precious!!! I love it!!!

Josh and Kacie said...

Awesome! Can't wait. Your the best Auntie B! Come see us when we get in our house. That's a must.

Laura =) said...

tooo cute! =)
and i miss being crafty with you!