Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Fall, Y'all!

Even though the weather in South Georgia still feels like summer, I'm still wearing my flip-flops and the leaves aren't changing yet, I know it's fall. And how do I know that?

The smell of peanuts being picked.

I love the smell of the earth during harvest season for some reason. Whenever I smell it, it conjures up the memories of my childhood when I used to ride with my Papa Milton in his pick-up while he was hauling trailers full of just-picked peanuts to the local peanut company.

I also know it's fall because I'm eating a lot of these.

Boiled Peanuts

A Southern delicacy, boiled peanuts could probably be considered "the official snack food of the South."

If you're not from these parts and are unfamiliar with boiled peanuts, click HERE. You start by pulling up some green ("raw") peanuts, picking them off the plant and then washing them.

Place as many as you can get in a large pot to boil. Season with as much salt as you like and let them slowly boil for about three hours. If you prefer, add Cajun seasonings with the salt.  It's your preference.  Taste them along the way to see how they're coming. After they are completely boiled, let them soak in the brine for a while to absorb some more of that saltiness. Eat 'em warm or after cooled down with an ice-cold Coca Cola. 

There's nothing like Georgia peanuts right from your papa's farm and boiled by your grannie.

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