Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1. The Chokidar

Welcome to "A Day in My Life." I am so excited that you are following along.

This is one of my amazing security guards standing in front of my apartment building. My door is on the 3rd floor (American), but it's considered the 2nd floor here (it's a hand-me-down from British rule).

I think I have told you before how much I heart my security guards. They all, especially the one pictured, put a smile on my face everyday. They do their very best to guard our gate and are the most friendly people you'll ever meet!

One interesting thing about South Asia is that nearly every building has one of these guys "guarding" it. Apartment buildings, grocery stores, clothing shops, ATM centers, banks, restaurants. You name any kind of establishment, and there's bound to be a chokidar (watchman) there. At stores, they stand at the door, open it for you and take any baggage (from other shops) from you and keep it until you are ready to leave. I, myself, think this is a faboulous idea and that we should employ it in the States. Maybe cut down on petty theft?

Often these guys are no bigger than my left pinky, but I am confident that no one would be able to get through their menacing scowls. ;-)

The chokidars at our building make sure that no one goes in that shouldn't, deliver our mail, watch the traffic, drink chai and give directions to pedestrians looking for a nearby shop. They sometimes play with the building's kids out in the common area. I am sure they have a few more responsibilities, but I have no idea what they are.

So, ladies and gentleman, meet my favorite chokidar!

See you tomorrow. By the way, y'all rock.

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