Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21. Scrumptious Fruits


Let me just tell you. Fruits (& pretty much all produce) here are so good! It's so fresh because most of it doesn't come from very far away. I discovered that I really like mangos since moving here, but I think it may be because the mangos here are out of this world! They are perfectly sweet, and there are so many different varieties to choose from. And cheap! In the States, I remember them being relatively expensive because they are imported. They weren't all that wonderful either. I'll miss them.

Other fruits that have become favorites are pomegranates (the seeds are so tender and juicy that you can just pop them in your mouth like candy) and the itty bitty bananas they have here. There are regular old bananas like in America, but there is also a variety that is about 4" long and super sweet. The consistency is a little different, not as "grainy" and with a smoother texture.

The best thing is the availability of all the produce. Just like in this picture, there are these little stands dotted along every roadside all throughout the city and even in more rural areas. On a road trip? Pull over on the roadside for a healthy snack. Sugar low during shopping in the heat? There's bound to be a fruit stand with some itty bitty bananas (tip: don't eat the fruit that doesn't have a thick peel right off the street...not a good idea). So convenient!

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Josh and Kacie said...

I love mango season as well.