Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14. Precept study

Have you ever done a Kay Arthur Precept upon Precept Bible study? Last year I did my first one with some of the ladies in my city. Precepts offers inductive Bible studies that focus on observing, interpreting and applying God's Word in our daily lives. Last year we did the "A Divided Heart...A Divided Nation" study in the Kings and Prophets series about Kings David, Solomon, Rehoboam, Jeroboam and Abijam. Today we started our second study together: "God Searches for a Heart Fully His" which continues from the first study.

I really like Precepts because the daily lessons get you studying the Word thoroughly, providing back-up Scriptures, other references and historical information and asks questions that help you apply what you read from God's Word to your daily life. It's really neat to take the Old Testament and seek out personal application from it this way. The studies also teach you effective ways to study your Bible. I really encourage everyone to try a Precept study at some point. For more information, go to the Precept Ministries International Web site. Click HERE.


Joy said...

Did you bring the study or can you get it online? Looking at something for this summer. :)Joyce

Brittany said...

Hey, Joyce. Laura downloaded online. You can ask her for details on how she went about it. I am sure she'd be glad to help.