Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8. Not your typical housewarming party

Rather, not your typical house! You hardly ever see houses this amazing here. Today we went to a housewarming party for our neighbor's sister. They haven't actually moved into the house, but this was the celebration of its completion and the day that they perform special religious ceremonies to bless the house. This was one amazing party! Thousands upon thousands of dollars were spent on the party, and I would venture to say hundreds of thousands were spent on the house (or more). It is the most extravagant house I've ever been to in this country.

WARNING: Lots of pictures, little words, loooong post. I would have done a mosaic, but the pictures need to be seen in their full form.

NOTE: In the post below there is a quick movie of dancing milk, suitar playing and the man that hands out the party favors. Scroll down and start loading it before looking at the rest of this post.

Us with our neighbor and her sister

Preparing the doorway for entry

All the shoes outside the house

The kitchen

The gods' room

Home theater

Inside the elevator

The rooftop

A Jacuzzi tub (5 in all to be exact)! There aren't many tubs here.

Carpet! There's not much carpet here.

Grass! There isn't much grass here.

Bollywood on the Balcony

The entertainment

Preparing a feast

My first chat! Yum!

The lunch

Interesting dessert

Finally, us... with our neighbors

I hope you enjoyed the post o' pictures!

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